Psy.D, M.Div., Board Certified Coach

What you can expect from me as your coach

Whether you want individual, group, leadership  or team coaching all of these apply. 

 Ethics & Confidentiality

As a professional coach, what you say to me is confidential.  That means I will not share your information with others without your consent.  Every effort will also be made to keep any digital interactions (conversations, forms, messages, emails) safe and secure as well. 

As a member of ICF (International Coaching Federation) I have agreed to ethical practices which maintain the integrity of our coaching relationship.  Here is a link to the ICF Core Competencies:

My psychological education - Psy.D.

As a coach, I will work with you on the path moving forward.  Where do you want to go and how can you get there?  What seems to be holding you back? What habits and behaviors need to be changed or maybe even created?  What emotions are keeping  you from feeling balanced?  All of these are valid coaching questions for exploration.  

However, having been trained in clinical psychology I have also learned how to look deeper into and explore people's painful past issues.  While I will not work with you on those particular issues, I will be aware when you might be entering one of those areas where I might suggest you work with a therapist.  Once you have explored that issue/issues with a therapist, we can resume our coaching goals once again.  

My spiritual education - M.Div. 

Sometime in our lives we also encounter spiritual challenges that can confront our soul and our beliefs.  What brings purpose and meaning to your life?  What is your role and connection with the divine?  If you want to explore in this direction we can go there as well to do some deeper inner soul work.  

Non-Judgmental Attitude

I work best with you when I know the real you.  I respect your vulnerability and understand that sometimes it is hard to be open.  Coaching conversations are best when you are free to be yourself. I will respect your individuality. 

I may make suggestions

As a coach I prefer you to take the lead and I will follow where you go.  However, occasionally I may offer a suggestion or two for your consideration.  I will never tell you what to you.  You can always go with the suggestion, come up with a different one or tell me the suggestion won't work for you.   

My coaching style

I consider myself a rather eclectic resource for you. I will bring my skills and coaching toolbox to our conversations.  I encourage you to be independent and free thinking.  I like to challenge you to deeper thinking; to consider going far enough outside of your comfort zone to make changes.

I love homework, emotions and neuroscience

Ahhh. yes.  Between sessions we will talk about what to do during the next week or so before your next session.  This is where the real change occurs..  as you live your life on a daily basis and practice/consider the things we have discussed.  In addition to the everyday challenges, we will explore emotions and how the brain works.  Oftentimes there will be  a pre-session checklist to review your past week.  

I expect you to give your best effort

As your coach, I follow your lead.  I am behind you 100%!  Making changes and thinking about new learning is difficult.  I will match the effort you put into your coaching experience.